The London Art Fair 2014

First launched as long ago as 1988, the London Art Fair 2014 has continued to grow and develop. The 2014 event saw more than 30,000 visitors walking through its doors during its 6 day run on Upper Street in the UK capital city. While the event is always aimed primarily at art collectors – both those who hail from institutions around the world and also private individuals with a love of art – the event also draws in a broad spectrum of visitors who are simply enjoying the experience.

Enjoyment For All

The 2014 event took place in an enormous space, very similar to a hangar, with plenty of space for all of the exhibits. There was a fair balance between visitor enjoyment, commercial opportunities for the artists themselves and artistic credibility. The event proved to be extremely enjoyable for all-comers thanks to the complimentary tote-bags, guide books, magazines, and, of course, beer, which added to the festive atmosphere.

Partnership With The Hepworth

The 2014 Art Fair saw the first time that the event had worked in partnership with a museum, with The Hepworth Wakefield displaying a unique exhibition from their collection of works in front of the event’s entrance.

The Arts Projects Gallery

On the second floor, the Arts Projects Gallery had its home. This area was presenting the most up to date contemporary art pieces, and features a range of works including curated group displays, solo shows and even large scale installations. The experience offered by this section of the Fair was more gallery-esque when compared to the main arena, which boasted around 100 gallery stands.

Range Of Works

In the main arena, there was an enormous range of works by a host of different artists and in all kinds of styles. Coming from all around the country, the selection of pieces comprised everything from the easy to appreciate to the more complex and thought provoking. Many of the pieces even came in at affordable price tags.

While the 2014 London Art Fair overall felt more like an expo than a traditional art exhibition, there was still a lot to enjoy about this exciting event. With such a wide range of artwork on display covering the entire gamut of artistry, it wasn’t difficult to be entertained and inspired by this popular annual event that is going from strength to strength with each passing year.

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